Being in Love

Loving Someone Doesn't Need a Reason.

If you Can Explain Why you Love Someone,
Its Called “Like”...
If you Cannot Explain,
Its Simply Called “Love”...

Aashiqui me Shayari

Aashiqui me "mohabbat" hi miley zaroori to nahi
Rishton me "QURBAT" hi miley zaroori to nahi

Zindagi Guzar hi jaati hai sabki dheere-dheere
Sabhi ko yahaan "RAHAT" hi miley zaroori to nahi

Toofan bhi badal deta hai manzar kabhi-kabhi
Bahaar me 'REHMAT" hi miley zaroori to nahi

Dushman bhi nibha jaata hai farz dosti ka
Wafa me "SHARAFAT" hi miley zaroori to nahi

Kar aaye dafan tujh ko kuch ajnabi khamosh
Tujhe apno ka "KANDHA" hi miley zaroori to nahi..

Mothers Day

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.It takes some one really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.

Today we wish ♥ Happy Mothers Day ♥ to All our Visitors "ALWAYS LOVE YOUR MOTHER CAUSE YOU NEVER GET ANOTHER"

Love Forever Status

It was 5 in the morning when they walked through the beach...
hand in hand,while the cold waters of the sea touched their feet...
He looked at her who had her head resting over his shoulder as
she held him by his arm,clad in that pink tank top and a white long skirt,with the messy hairs
she looked cute as usual,but he was busy admiring the flawless beauty...

They sat over a rock observing the calm blue sea...
the sun just rose up painting the sky with dark and
light hues as they were enjoying the morning sun rise...
for the last time as couples...
it was the last day they were spending as
within the next few hours they would get
married officially,how ever the
fear of a different life was haunting her...
'U won't stop loving me na?' she
asked looking at him,the latter just smiled as he got hold of her hand,
'I won't baby....never' he said

while she was convinced,she
smiled drugging herself in his
warm hug as they sat observing
the rising sun,which filled up their
hearts with positive energy...

Hindi Poetry "Bahut Pyar Karta Hun"

Wo saamne nahin par, Deedaar karta hun…
wo aayegi nahi par intazaar karta hun
Deewaangi mein dil ko bekaraar karta hun..
Uss ladki se haan mai bahut pyaar karta hun

Kehti hain dhadkane ye meri, dil ka qaraar hai wo…
Kaise bhulaaoon usko DIL Se haan pehla pyaar hain wo…
Marke bhi kam na hoga dekho aisaa khumaar hai wo

Wo aaj bhi meri hai , Iqraaar karta hoon
wo ayegi nai par intazar karta hun..
deewangi me dil ko beqaraar karta hun…
Uss ladki se haaan MAIN…Bahut pyaar karta hun…

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